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pkmaniacs [userpic]

This is mainly caused out of a severe boredom and a need to concentrate on something other than homework (and I can't concentrate on the next chapter, because...well, just having some serious WBS: Writer's Block Syndrome).

Note: I added last names to many of the OCs whose full names (or even first names) are not specified in my fic, so I hope you guys don't get confused.

Anyways, its all just images of how I see my OCs physically. Some things are a little off. Also, please comment and let me know what you think, if someone is different than you thought, or if you have an image that you feel would fit an OC better, etc.

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pkmaniacs [userpic]

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Genre: Horror, Drama/Angst
Rating: R, for now
                      Canon: House, Wilson, Cuddy, Foreman, Chase, Cameron, Tritter (no, he is not heavily involved or involved with the villains, at all, but I thought since House has to deal with the police, it'd be interesting for a cameo). Undecided if new ducklings will make an appearance or not. 
                     Original Characters: Jenny, Detective Mullins, Adam, Switchblade, and Josh (more later, probably, but few very important). 
Timeline: Undecided, for now. Definitely before the end of season 5 (if the new crew is there, I definitely want Kutner there) and after Season 2. 
Slash: ??? ...I really don't know yet...probably depends on 1. where the story goes and 2. the co-writer
Warnings: *graphic* violence and torture scenes, swearing
General Plot: (includes details that will not be included in the story) Almost twenty years ago, a young woman named Jenny Haas decided that she didn't quite understand the strength of the human body versus the will to survive. With a group of hired men, she then set about doing, what she claimed, was scientific testing of the durability of the human body and the survival instinct. This testing was done by physically torturing a person until they were at the very brink of death, and then letting them go in order to see if they were strong enough to live. Most didn't. After six years in New York City, the FBI started closing in so Jenny and her group disappeared. Ten years later, they re-appeared in New Jersey. 
The fic is going to be about what Wilson experiences as the newest subject in Jenny's tests, and how House reacts to 1.Wilson being missing 2. Wilson possibly being caught by killers and the cops being hopeless. and 3. the conclusion of the fic...and I am undecided on how it will end and whether Wilson lives or not....probably will be helped to decide if I get a co-writer. 
The genre of 'horror' is used as in Saw-esque, not Amityville Horror-ish. 
Below is a piece of dialogue that I've already written, with a bit of insight into the villain: 

"You're a monster." Wilson croaked, blood coating his lips as he coughed. 
Jenny's eyes darkened as her smile disappeared. "And here I thought that you, of all people, would understand what I'm trying to do." She made a quick hand motion to Adam, which resulted in another slam of the hammer to his gut, the sound of his rib breaking drowned out by his scream. 
When he managed to look up again, she was gone. He spit blood, the pain making his vision swirl slightly when he was brought back by a gruff voice. 
"You upset her." 
He focused on Adam, who was wiping the blood from his hands with a towel but the tone hadn't been angry, it had been amused. 
"She really hates that, you know; being called a monster...you'd think she'd be used to it, afterall most everyone does call her one, at one point or another...and none of the other names ever bother her." He mused. 
Wilson coughed again, hacking blood and spitting it towards Adam but missing. "She is...you're all monsters." 
Adam chuckled, coming back to face Wilson with a smirk. "Oh, I know that. You see, Dr. Wilson, there are three kinds of monsters in this world. There's the kind that know they are monstrous and enjoy it, like Switchblade... or Vlad the Impaler, for instance. Then there's the kind who know they are a monster and know what they do is wrong, but aren't really inclined to change it. They don't necessarily enjoy being a monster, but they aren't going to stop, cause either its too hard to stop or the pay is too good to pass up. That's me." He smiled then. 
"Don't you ever....feel bad for what you...do?" Wilson asked, his breaths coming in pants as he gasped through the pain. 
A shadow crept over Adam's face then, and he seemed lost in thought for a moment. "Mostly...no. I did the first few times, used to puke after every session...you get used to it eventually, doesn't bother you much anymore...At least, it took me a while...it didn't take Josh long at all...and Switchblade...fuck, Switchblade would bathe in your blood if we let her. She's a real sick fuck. 
"...But there's a few cases that I feel bad about. ...Jenny had this bright idea to test out a child once..." He wiped his face and seemed to shiver. "I still have nightmares of his screaming. ...After that, me and some of the others begged her never to make us do a kid again."
"God..." Wilson murmured, his stomach twisting and he knew he'd be retching if he had anything inside him. 
Snapped back to the present, Adam continued. "But anyways, that leads me to Jenny...Now Jenny is the worst kind of monster, or at least the most dangerous. Jenny doesn't know that she's a monster. She thinks, as many others before her have thought, that what she is doing is for the good of mankind...that she is helping people...She doesn't see anything wrong with her actions, and that is why she is the most dangerous kind. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Columbus and others...they all thought they were doing good, and thats what made them so dangerous...that was really the root of their evil: their own ignorance of it. Now I am a monster, but at least I know I am." 

If you're interested at all in being involved in this project or you have any questions, let me know. We can hash out the details via e-mail. 

Thanks and Much Love, 

pkmaniacs [userpic]

I should be sleeping right now but...well, not tired, and besides Di needs company, lord knows she's an insomniac. Plus, its about time I get some of my writing on this profile, I am the Pmaniac afterall.

Author/s: Lillia 
Genre: RENT
Title: Third Choice
Summary: Mark's dealt with a lot in his life, and there are just some things he can't handle. ...bad summary, sorry. This story is kind of hard to explain without spelling it out and ruining the whole point of even reading it. 
Rating: PG
Pairing: Roger/April, Roger/Mark, Roger/Mimi, all past tense
Slash: Yes
Length: 599
Warnings: none really, a touch of angst is all
Notes: This is my first RENT fic, this genre is more Di's turf...but this idea just rushed on me before one of my classes and I had to write it. This was written in just under a half hour, hence its short, not perfectly written, and just a bit random
Disclaimer: I do not own RENT, Mark or Roger. However, I sometimes borrow the boys on the weekends and make amazing video tapes...oh damn, thats just a dream I had...

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pkmaniacs [userpic]

Author/s: Di
Genre: RENT
Title: Talk
Summary: Roger thinking, and regretting, about the fact that Mark never really talks. 
Rating: PG
Slash: No
Length: 657
Warnings: allusions to depression
Notes: This was actually my first RENT fanfic. Its a bit morbid...but not as bad as some other stuff I've written and decided must never see the light of day. Its not to be taken as slash or even slashy, but hell, if you find something in it that is slightly slashy, even if you have to squint, let me know, because I want to see it...sigh, such a fangirl at heart. 
Disclaimer: RENT and all of the characters therein are not mine, and I do not claim them to be.


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pkmaniacs [userpic]

I should be working on Nano...should being the key word there. Instead, I'm uploading my old fanfiction on here...sigh, once a procrastinater... 

Author/s: Di
Genre: RENT
Title: His Leather Jacket
Summary: Mark has a set idea to how things work regarding Roger and that leather jacket he loves more than anything.
Rating: PG-13
Slash: Yes
Length: 628
Warnings: none, really. Some swearing, a little boy-kissing.
Notes: Written in 18 minutes, fastest write I have ever done. It shows in the original posting on ff.net, however I've done some slight editing to it since then. 
Disclaimer: I do not own RENT or any of the characters therein.

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pkmaniacs [userpic]

Now, to be quite honest, I am a fanfiction whore. I adore the stuff, have since I accidentally discovered it at age 14, in my freshman year of highschool, during my keyboarding class. Back then, I was so struck by it I read everything I could find. I read bad writing and mary sues, and found what I thought was an extremely guilty and dirty pleasure in slash. (actually, the first piece of fanfiction I ever read was a LOTR, NC-17 slash, between Faramir and Frodo...talk about a shock, it completely blew my mind...but I could not stop reading. I was also lucky in that the first thing I ever read was extremely well written). Anyways, after I discovered archive sites and fanfiction.net, I discovered the differences in well written fanfiction and horribly written fanfiction. I found out what a mary sue was, noticed the many cliches (some that transcend categories and some that are limited to a category), and unfortunately discovered OOCness and became able to recognize it in a heart beat. These were all learned skills developed slowly, and during this time I also became more discriminating. I picked favorite genres, favorite categories, and became harsher in how I judged a fic as good or even as being worthy of being read (because honestly, some aren't, I'll give any fic a shot if I'm bored enough but its rare I'll read further than 3 chapters in on a story I don't deem good). Now, I am rather strict on what I read, because my time has become valuable, (college, a social life, and work will do that to you :() and there are so many fics to read, thanks to ff.net and livejournal, and other archive sites.

Anyways, the whole point of this thing is to rant about RENT fanfiction, my latest reading obsession.

Now, my favorite genres within RENT fanfiction are humor fics, angst, and of course slash in the form of Roger/Mark. I probably read an average of 10 M/R fics a day, at least. And I count by fics, not by chapters. Anyways, the thing with M/R fics that I dislike, but cannot avoid, is the poor characterization. It is so rare that I find exceptions to this.

It is often the pattern, in slash fics in general, to make one guy the male of the relationship and one the female. By this I mean one acts in the way society expects a male to and one acts in the way society sees the female to act. One is dominant and one more submissive, one acts slightly rougher while the other is more emotional, more effeminite, more mushy. And while this is true in some gay relationships, the majority act normally, as in they both act like males...because they both are males. I believe the problem is that our society pounds heterosexual relationships at us so much that when we are confronted iwth a non hetero relationship,or try to write about one, we just automatically give it hetero characteristics. Some people cannot help but make one the wife. And it bothers me.

Mark is almost always the wife.

This leads me to the whole point of this rant: Mark's characterization in fanfiction.

In RENT, Mark always gave me a certain impression. He was spastic and crazy, with little to no shame. He was creative and sarcastic, and enjoyed teasing people. He had an attitude and was quite snarky. He got angry, you could see it in him, and he showed some but held it back usually. He showed annoyance quite a lot though. He cut off emotions, and was usually stoic during stressful times. He didn't cry. He was strong. He was also compassionate, caring, pretty responsible, and persistant. He seemed to care a lot, maybe some see him as self-sacrificing, but I didn't take him as a martyr.

Basically, I never saw him as being naive, submissive, weak, over-emotional, or innocent.

And that is how he is almost always portrayed in fanfiction.

And Roger... upon my first experience with him, Roger gave me the impression of being a romantic. I saw him as being pretty self-pitying, fun and teasing. He seemed to be loving and caring and almost sweet. I mean, he was mopey, he had no faith or trust in people, and he didn't seem overly concerned with how his actions affected others. He did seem rather selfish, but not completely. He also seemed to have anger, but then remorse. But the whole rockstar attitude never seemed to affect his character, it seemed like an act. He never struck me as being aloof or that rough or dangerous or mean. I believe he acted only on his emotions at times, but that didnt make him a hard core, mean rocker man.

But that is usually how he is written. Sex-driven, remorseless, rough, cruel even at times. In R/M slash fics, he's almost always the dominant one, usually leads everything, is usually pretty rough with Mark-not always like abusive just like hands pinned down, leaving bruises rough, and like, thats hot and all, but I could see Roger as being more playful rather than lustfilled, wild animal.

I think the problem is, writers stopped looking analyzing Roger and Mark's characters and went off their descriptions:

Artsy, tea drinking filmmaker
Guitar playing, music writing, leather jacket wearing, former addict

However, am I guilty of reading fics that characterize Mark and Roger like this? Yes, a million times over. Am I guilty of loving fics like this? Yes, a thousand times over. Am I guilty of writing fics like this? ...kind of, I always understood the characters better than I wrote them...because its pretty easy to write them using those boundaries, because it makes them flat character archetypes instead of real characters with full dimensions. Although, I feel I do a not completely horrible job, and I'm planning to put more time into my multichapter fic sometime soon and ammend this as much as I can

ANyways, its all my opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree

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pkmaniacs [userpic]

In terms of what kind of LJ user I am, I like to call myself a Haunter. I haunt writing communities, some quite regularly, and read other people's writing while never posting any myself. I also very rarely leave comments, unless something really hits me, bothers me, or affects me, or i love it to the point of wanting to marry the author. And that stuff rarely happens, so thats why I'm a Haunter: no one knows I'm there, I'm just creeping around. I do write, quite a bit actually, and I have posted on like fanfiction.net, and I may eventually post here...but is it strange that I feel that I have to get my writing to a better level before I can post it here? Because to me, lj seems like higher quality stuff than ffnet... anyways, thats me

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I found myself searching for photos of Gackt and Hyde on Google images today, and pretty much swooning over the very hot ones...thus proving to myself that everyone has an inner fangirl that must be fed every once in a while. Kind of disapointing, as I thought my character was above that... or at least I had grown out of it, as after LOTR and POTC came out, I had done quite a bit of searching for Bloom and Depp fics and I hadn't done that for a while... heh, maybe true fangirls never grow out of it.

P.S. If you don't know who Hyde or Gackt are, check out J-pop, or watch Moon Child...oh how I love that film. A bit corny at times, but definitely a great movie.

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